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How Are You Impacting The World?

When you open up to the unknown, and dare to step into it, the potential impact your expression has increases exponentially.

As we grow up, the conditioning of society limits our expression by restricting the spectrum of emotion and movement that is seen as acceptable. By relearning how to listen to the impulses and intuition that moves through us, we can start to let go of how we think things should be, and open up to all that is possible.

What Is The Daomove Practice?

It is a space where you can explore yourself and the completely unique expression that lives inside you. A space for exploring what happens in you as you connect with another person in the moment, not knowing where it will take you, or what will be created between you. A place where you have the possibility to open up parts of yourself that you may not have known existed


I really highly recommend Daomove. Bjarte is one of the few people in the world, who I feel can really embody Circling in it’s highest level in surrendered leadership. Not only that but he has a unique expression of it with his total mastery of the body and movement.

To me Daomove is a perfect playground to explore the moment. I have explored and experienced TRUST as an approach to the unknown. I highly value the true connections and beautiful meetings with others. Powerful. Feels like health in every moment.

Wenche Berger, Nordic Head of Billing and AR
The Daomove experience is high on the list of the best things I’ve done in my adult life
Kjell Tjensvoll, Senior consultant

Daomove has made it easier for me to integrate inner and even unconscious experiences of Being, into my actual presence. The workshops have changed my perception of each moment, connection or reaction in such a way that in everyday life, I can more and more relate to them as unflawed doorways into possibilities.

Marit Moe Disteler, Gardener

Daomove provides tools to communicate my own experiences, be true towards myself and to express myself truthfully in front of a group.

Simen Erikssøn, Dancer

My experience with Bjarte’s class was like stepping into a new state of being.

Alex Canela Gavin, Amsterdam participant


Bjarte Hiley is a specialist at facilitating the transformation of peoples relationships to themselves and life through movement.

He is the founder of Daomove, a method he developed to invite people into a deeper contact with their embodied experience, and let themselves be moved into bold action from that place.